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Shipping & Delivery

How can I see which items are currently in your USA warehouse?

Due to the sheer number of products on our site, we may not always have them all available in stock. We tell you whether or not a product is in stock on the product detail page. If it does not say 'In Stock', then we tell you approximately how long it will take before we can ship it out to you. Please note that we bring some products only if an order is placed. Please also note that we charge your credit card only when we ship your order from our warehouse.

What does it mean when I see "Usually ships out in X Business Days"?

When we do not have an item in stock, this is our way of letting you know approximately how long it is going to take to ship that product from our USA warehouse. This time frame is an estimate and it is subject to change due to customs issues or difficulty in locating a scarce item. If we can not find an item or if it delayed beyond a reasonable time, we will inform you promptly and we will ship the rest of your items, if any, at our own shipping expense.

When does my credit card get charged?

Please note that we do not charge your credit card until the time of physical shipment unless you are paying with PayPal (We only authorize your card during check-out).

How can I add or delete shipping address(es)?

You can enter multiple shipping addresses or delete the existing ones by clicking here . You can also add a new shipping address during checkout.

How does "Free Shipping" work?

Free shipping weight restriction varies from state to state within the U.S. Please click here to see full details.

How do you ship the perishables?

While we always ship perishable items wrapped in ice. However, if your state is more than 2 days away from PA using ground service, we add a Perishable Surcharge to your order. NEW! You can now remove this charge during checkout. However, by doing so, you are assuming responsibility for any damage to perishable items. During summer months, we strongly recommend that you do not remove this surcharge of your perishables will certainly go bad with regular shipping.

Click to see a map of Ground delivery periods. Please note that these times are in business days which do not include weekends or holidays. We make adjustments on shipment dates to avoid weekend delays when perishables are present. While this may delay your order, we do this to protect your order. We shall not accept responsibility for damages to perishable items under any condition.


General Information About Shipping

We ship within the United States, Canada, and many international destinations. You can select from a variety of delivery options during the checkout process. Shipping ground or USPS usually takes 1-5 business days (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not considered business days). If you would like a different shipping option than what is available online, please reach out to a representative vie email or contact our Customer Service at 1-866-885-8622 in our business hours. Please note that the cutoff time for same day orders is 12 PM on Mondays and 2 PM from Tuesday to Friday.

Please note that we do not make partial shipments unless requested during checkout. To request a partial shipment, please use the box that appears during checkout (Extra shipping charges apply based on free shipping rules).


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