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Videos & Compatibility Issues

Are your DVDs compatible with US DVD players?

  • Our DVDs are Region II (Pal). Most new DVD players in the U.S. will play these DVDs without problems, and even some older DVD players will play them. However, some DVD players will not play them. Please make sure you double check before purchasing a DVD from us.
  • There is also a software program called Power DVD, which will play these DVDs on your PC.
  • Please note that we will not issue refunds for DVDs purchased unless they are damaged. Compatibility problem with your DVD player is NOT considered a damaged DVD cause.

Do you sell VHS tapes?

We do not offer VHS format movies. We only offer DVDs and VCDs.

What is a VCD?

VCD is short for Video CD. They are similar to music CDs with video on them. You can play VCDs on all DVD players and PCs. Please note that VCDs do not have an autostart function; therefore, when you put a VCD in your PC, it will not play right away. You will have to start your Media Player and select the Play option to start playing a VCD on your PC. Same applies to a DVD player. VCDs are lower quality than DVDs, therefore they are substantially cheaper. We do not accept returns based on low video or sound quality on VCDs. However, the quality is similar to VHS media and in most cases, close to DVD quality.


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