Ebru: Reflections of Cultural Diversity in Turkey

Ebru: Reflections of Cultural Diversity in Turkey
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AuthorAttila Durak
EditorAyşe Gül Altınay
PublisherMetis Yayınları
Publishedİstanbul, 2007

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Over seven years in the making, Ebru is a sweeping and poignant photographic journey that illuminates, through the faces of its people, the rich cultural diversity of Turkey.

The English translation of “ebru” is “marbled paper,” which refers to the fluidity of paint and water on paper. With its creative combination of water and paper, “ebru” inspires the possibility of conceptualizing historical flow and “passing solidity” at the same time. As such, it is a metaphor that offers a promising alternative to others like “the mosaic”or “the quilt” for thinking through the new and old dilemmas of cultural politics at the turn of the century.

Attila Durak’s visual portraits are rendered even more dramatic through John Berger’s foreword and interpretive essays from some of Turkey’s most discerning contemporary writers. Because of this exceptional artistic pairing, Ebru provides rare insight into the vibrant color, complexity, as well as political nuance, of a country defined and sustained by its multicultural past and present.