Clever Ali (Hardcover)

Clever Ali (Hardcover)
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AuthorNancy Farmer
PublisherOrchard Books
PublishedOct, 2006

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In the spirit of "The Arabian Nights" comes a suspenseful new story from a Newbery Honor author. Full color. Ali is finally old enough to join his father in tending pigeons for the evil Sultan of Cairo. The boy is given a pet pigeon, but warned NEVER to feed it too much, lest it become spoiled and lazy. But Ali feels sorry for his hungry pet and disobeys. When the overfed bird becomes greedy and ruins a plate of the Sultan's cherries, Ali is in big trouble! Now he has only three days to replace the Sultan's 600 cherries from the snowy mountains of Syria. Only then can he save his father from the dreaded Oubliette: a deep pit where a giant demon is waiting!