Stainless Roasting Pan - Small

Stainless Roasting Pan - Small
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Stainless Roasting Pan - Small
(KITCHENETTE Paslanmaz Saç Kavurma Tavası - Ufak Boy)

A roasting pan is a piece of cookware used for roasting meat in an oven, either with or without vegetables or other ingredients. A roasting pan may be used with a rack that sits inside the pan and lets the meat sit above the fat and juice drippings.

A shallow roasting pan is normally used for roasting small cuts of meat, but large-size roasting pans are also used for cooking large poultry such as turkey or goose, or for larger cuts of meat. A deep roasting pan can hold vegetables and other ingredients that meat can sit on rather than a rack, letting the vegetables absorb the fat and juice from the meat while cooking. A deep roasting pan can also be used as a baking dish or basin, holding smaller baking dishes that must be surrounded by boiling water.

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2 Kulplu Çelik Yayvan Sac Kavurma Tavasi

Yayvan ve konik tiplidir, iki kulpludur.

Kizartma tavasi çapi 27 cm dir. Paslanmaz çeliktir.

Sac kavurma tavasi ile geleneksel ve yöresel kavurma soteleme islerinizi yapabilirsiniz. Paslanmaz çelik yapisiyla hijyenikdir. Paslanmaz saç kavurma tavasinda; kuzu eti ile saç kavurma kebabi, kokoreç ile kokoreç saç kavurma, kuzu ve dana cigeri ile ciger saç kavurma, ciger ve et ile tantuni saç kavurma ve degisik sebzelerle saç kavurma yapabilirsiniz.