Lemon Cologne - 750ml

Lemon Cologne - 750ml
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PEREJA Lemon Cologne – 25.3fl.oz

Contains 80% ethyl alcohol. Used as refreshener and hand sanitizer.

In Turkey, it is an important tradition to offer Cologne during guest visits, on bus trips and in restaurants. Its offering during holiday family gatherings and on funeral days has also become somewhat of a ritual. If you should visit a Turkish house, the first thing that you will be offered is Cologne and candy. This is meant to refresh a guest who is just off a trip and to help eliminate the germs that the outdoor conditions leave on hands. The candy that is offered along with the Cologne, represents the Turkish belief that a sweetened mouth will ensure the start of a sweet conversation.

After its discovery in the sixteenth century, "Eau de Cologne” or "Cologne” reached the Ottoman lands during the reign of Abdülhamit II (1876 – 1909). Consequently, Cologne has dethroned rose water. The Ottomans mixed it with rosemary, orange, bergamot and lemon, and dipped it on sugar as a relief for stomach upsets.

Traditional Cologne is produced through a relatively simple process. The main ingredients are ethyl alcohol, water and fragrance. The alcohol used in Cologne is specially produced through fermentation of sugary or starchy substances such as grapes, potatoes, reeds, corn, barley and molasses. Before the production of Cologne, the ethyl alcohol is mixed with distilled water until it reaches the desired levels, which are determined through an alcoholmeter.Ingredients:Alcohol,Aqua,Parfum,D-Limonene,Citral,Linalool,Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl Benzoate.