iPod Nano Woven Case - Diamond

iPod Nano Woven Case - Diamond
Our Price$7.49
3 to 10 $6.74
11 to 20 $6.37
21 to 500 $5.99
MaterialWoven fabric, Leather

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Inspire yourself and indulge your iPod in Kaftan's luscious royal robe!

Soft woven fabric case protects your iPod from scratches, nicks, wear&tear. Kaftan Covers reflect the same warm tones,exquisite patterns and traditional motifs that enthralled Marco Polo in 1272 as he traversed the globe.

Oriental carpets were hand-woven in antiquityas gifts for palaces and kings. Kaftan's contemporary creative design securely wraps your ipod in globally inspired rich colors and ancient patterns.

Complement your ipod nano and video with Kaftan's custom-dyed, fully lined covers. The embroidered fabric combines soft protection, durability and sleek functionality.

Fits 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB iPod Nano.