A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs (Ciltli)

A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs (Ciltli)
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AuthorMetin Yurtbaşı
PublisherExcellence Publishing
Publishedİstanbul, 2012, 3. Baskı

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More Than 5,000 Turkish Proverbs With Their Translations, Explanations and Equivalants in English, Arranged into 172 Categories with 500 Illustrations, Turkish and English Indexes.

A Treasury Of Proverbs That Captures The Turkish Spirit

Turkish proverbs embody the deepest feelings and beliefs of the Turkish people. They reveal qualities we cherish such as liberty, courage, diligence, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, gratitude, hospitality, patience, sacrifice, thrift, generosity and humilitiy, as well as those we disdain such as cruelty, idleness, greed, envy, ingratitude, gluttony, pride, scorn and selfishness. Containing the most extensive collection of proverbs that are unique to Turkey and some Turkic lands, A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs reflects Turkish attitudes toward adversity, agriculture, commerce, education, justice, marriage, neighbors, occupations, religion, sorrow, success, wealth, weather, women and many other areas of life. Following is a selectioon of comments on the first edition of this Dictionary:

"Proverbs reveal a nation's character in its finest details. Turkish proverbs comprise one of the world's richest and most choice collections of wisdom. Reflecting to other nations these wise sayings, apart from its universally educational value, is a highly patriotic service. Mr. Metin Yurtbaşı has obviously been successuful in doing that with his diligent research using extensive resource materials. He thus deserves tha appreciation of his own people and the people of other nations. I personally congratulate him with all my heart."

"Bir ulusun manevi değerlerinin en kapsamlı göstergesi atasözleridir. Türk atasözleri ise dünya atasözleri arasında en zengin ve en seçkin bir nitelik taşır. Çok eski bir tarihin soylu yaşamını yansıtan bu sözlerin başka uluslara bildirilmesi, evrensel bir eğitim değeri taşıması yanında, ulusumuzun büyüklüğünü dünyaya tanıtmak gibi yüksek bir yurtseverlik hizmetidir. Sayın Metin Yurtbaşı, bol kaynaklar üzerindeki yorucu çalışmasıyla böyle bir işi başararak hem yurttaşlarının hem de öteki ulusların teşekkürünü hak etmiştir. Kendisini yürekten kutlarım."
- Ömer Asım Aksoy, Turkish Folklorist and Proverb Scholar.

"This book of about, 5,000 Turkish proverbs commonly used in Turkey and in various parts of the Turkic world is a major scholarly achievement. As its editor Metin Yurtbaşı has added literal English translations, important explanatory comments, equivalent proverbs, from other languages, and historical references to his many texts cited in the original Turkish language. People interested in Turkish proverbs now have a solid collection available to them that introduces them to the rich proverbial wisdom of the Turks. It is thus a scholarly proverb collection for international proverb specialists, but it is also a valuable and interesting book for anybody fascinated by the traditional Turkish language, folklore, and culture. There is no doubt that this Turkish proverb collection will quickly become a standard reference work."
- Prof. WOLFGANG MIEDER, Editor of ‘Proverbium,' Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship, Department of German and Russian, The University of Vermont.

"I am much impressed with your objective, and from what I have seen of the translations and the bibliography, I feel you have the basis for a very important contribution, not only to the Turkish-American cultural relations but also to the scholarship of the Turkish language. A very useful addition to the understanding of Turkish idiom."
- Prof. WILLIAM J. GRISWOLD, President of Turkish Studies Association, Colorado State University, Department of History.

"Your book, A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs, drawing from a rich oral tradition and with its comparative approach is a most welcome addition